Terms & Conditions

SHIN HING TRADING SDN BHD ("The company") warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship according to the following terms & conditions:-

  1. The warranty for this product extends for 2 years from the date of purchase.
  2. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser. It is non-transferable.
  3. This warranty shall not be extended to following items or circumstances:-
    1. Product bring damanged due to installation, abuse, misuse, or neglect in a manner not in accordance to stipulated requirements or not carried out in a proper manner.
    2. Damages due to wear and tear including all external surfaces.
    3. Damaged directly or indirectly by accident, transportation, lightning, fire, flood, risk, abnormal voltage, pest attacks or civil commotion or any acts of God.
    4. Warranty card is not presented in the event of a claim.
    5. Warranty card is damaged beyond recognition, multilation, altered, or tempered with.
    6. The serial number of the product has been altered, delected, removed or made illegible.
  4. This warranty card is not replaceable in the event of loss.
  5. The terms of this warranty cannot be changed, modified or extended in any manner whatsoever by any person including the dealer or the purchaser.
  6. This warranty does not cover delivery/transportatopn cost.
  7. The company is not liable for any loss of use, inconvenience, damages or injury, direct or consequential arising out of use of this product.